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The Benefits of Using Prevail to Manage Your Disability Claims

June 12, 2019

Course Description

This session will be an overview of the Prevail Case Management System. Since the majority of Social Security firms use Prevail, it will be helpful to see how it aids in the day to day flow of managing disability matters. The demonstration will cover the most commonly used features, showing how they are utilized, and what the user and the firm gains by using them correctly.

Target Audience

  • Legal Assistants
  • Paralegals
  • Non-Attorney Representatives
  • Attorneys

Technical Information

We use Adobe Connect for our course, and you will have to download the application to attend.

You can download the application for WINDOWS and for MAC. You can download the application for mobile devices, but we would not recommend it.We think that the course is best viewed on a desktop or a laptop computer. Mac users have reported no problems using Adobe Connect.

After downing the application, you should perform a DIAGNOSTIC TEST to ensure that there are no computer or network issues. We do not anticipate that you will have any problems downloading the application or performing the diagnostic test. Contact us if you experience any problems.

You can listen to the presentation through your computers or by conference line. The conference line is a toll-free number. You are responsible for any fees associated with using the conference line and should verify prior to the course whether you will experience any fees.

Accessibility Features

Adobe Connect has accessibility features for individuals with visual, auditory, and mobility issues. You can learn more about these features HERE.

We can also provide closed captioning services. We will not provide closed captioning services unless requested.

Please contact us to assist you with any accessibility features.

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